Body Corporate & Strata

Strata electrical experts helping you manage costs from top to bottom.

High on body corporates, building managers and residents’ agenda is the cost of energy and how it can be addressed through building efficiencies. We help our clients manage their sinking funds and implement the most cost-effective solutions on behalf of all residents and ensure electrical safety compliance is complete across their buildings and sites.

Body Corporate

At EDSI, we work closely with Body Corporate Managers to manage the energy costs in their buildings. From LED upgrades around common areas and car parks to Solar and EV Chargers, we help Body Corporate and Building Managers navigate individual metering and building load management challenges. Our solutions are always future-focused, which provides a pathway to future improvements that can help manage sinking fund priorities each year. 

We know the safety of your residents and staff is another top priority. We can help create a safe, secure environment by reviewing your lighting and CCTV capabilities across your site. We ensure your building is always compliant by scheduling regular inspections of your emergency lighting and smoke alarms, as well as switchboard and safety switches.

Electrical Concierge

Building and Facilities Managers have a never-ending list of jobs across their sites. Let EDSI take electrical maintenance completely off your plate. With a customer-first approach and extensive experience in body corporate and strata work, your building is in safe hands.

We have teams servicing greater Brisbane every week on a rostered basis to help keep on top of electrical maintenance tasks and compliance records. With fast turnaround times and reliability, we support body corporates to get the most effective, efficient and safest support.

Our Body Corporate and Strata Services

  • Data and Electrical Support
  • Electrical Concierge
  • Exit and Emergency Lighting installation and testing
  • CCTV
  • Automation systems
  • Programmed Maintenance across retail sites
  • Upgrading Diachromatic Downlights to LED
  • EV Charger Installation and Upgrades
  • Solar Installation and Upgrades
  • Individual Metering
  • Building Load Management

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We create top to bottom efficiencies for our clients by investing in new and better technologies.

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With a dedicated management team to oversee all projects, we can provide the highest quality finishes with projects.

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We partner with businesses to deliver complete tailored electrical solutions - from design to installation and ongoing maintenance.

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Occupational Health & Safety

EDSI are fully insured and licenced for all commercial electrical work, as well as data & communications work. We are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities under the Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations which means we deliver a safe, reliable and affordable service whilst adhering to the current stringent requirements placed on our industry.

We believe in creating safe environments for everyone and that close enough is not good enough. Your insurance requirements and annual auditing and testing protocols need to be activated and we invest time in your business to help you meet those expected standards.

Insurance Claims

We can help you take the stress out of an electrical insurance claim. EDSI’s experienced team are licensed to provide electrical insurance claims and provide insurance claim reports. 

If you need help with an insurance claim for electrical damage, we can assist. 

Making our clients safe and getting them connected again takes priority during emergency events.

We will assess the damage, the cause and the extent of the damage. We will then provide you with a detailed written report of the cause and extent of the damage, as well as an estimate of the necessary work that needs to be done.

Environment and Efficiency

We are constantly updating our team and our clients on new innovative ways to adopt more sustainable approaches in their business. Many of our clients have realised not only cost savings and reduced labour but have seen their energy footprint shrink due to investing in new equipment and monitoring programs.

The pressure on all organisations to reduce their impact all the way through their supply chain means we are investing in our team to help you achieve better outcomes - not just for the environment but for your bottom line as well. Talk to us about an audit of how we can reduce your energy requirements.

Create efficiencies throughout your business with EDSI.

"Thanks for all your guidance and support with helping us with out recent electrical cutout of out new ‘Aussie Everton Park’ franchise."
– Candyce & Jonathan, Principals, Aussie Everton Park

"EDSI has had a very positive impact on our business, by streamlining our engagement and finding long term solutions to electrical and data installations, improvements, maintenance and repairs. I find that we are more efficient by using EDSI services."
– Greg Webb, Managing Director, Black & White Cabs

"EDSI has a strong ability to add value and initiative where a problem is presented, where most others just do what is asked without looking at providing a permanent cost-effective solution. EDSI has made a positive difference and has a focus on getting the job done right the first time."
– Marty Robson, Managing Director METER2CASH Solutions